Royal Play's ET Smart


Longhua, Shenzhen -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/10/2015 -- The new ET Smart Scooter has many new features and is a big upgrade. Like the weight of new model is only 16kgs whereas the last model was 30 kgs. The new model has a keyless key ( like in high end cars), has cruise control, bluetooth speakers, USB port for cellphone charging, an extended range of 30-40km.

Old model was manufactured at a third party manufacturing facility and because of which there was a serious quality flaw in the scooter. 3 people almost died because of the material used in the last ET Scooter.

For the new ET Smart Scooter, we have set up our own manufacturing in order to make sure the quality.

The new model has been tested with 486kgs of weight.

We will be launching this scooter on August 18th and its available for pre order on our site . The pre order price is 1390USD of the new model.

Buy your ET Smart Scooter now. Attached are the pictures of old ET Scooter which got broken while rider was riding it.

Buy ONLY ET Smart Scooter, not old ET Scooter.

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