R&P? the New Praise Genre'


Atlanta, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/16/2013 -- Award winning - R&P (Rhythm & Praise recording artist Kevin L and internationally acclaimed songwriter, Milliea Taylor McKinney announced the launch of their joint project, 'The Big Boyz Club' ; a global mission with an emphasis on inner city youth. Their goal is to reach people with the combined faith and dynamic music.

McKinney, and Kevin L combine three different genres' of music: R&B Hip Hop and Praise, creating a unique sound known as R&P- Rhythm and Praise. Through the Big Boyz Club, (BBC) and Conscious Music Entertainment (CME) they work together to promote a lifestyle of positivity while also producing a modern and relevant sound capable of engaging their target demographic.

According to McKinney, "Music is a powerful conduit of communication and influence. The type of sound used draws the listener in while the lyrical content is the essential energy behind the song. Lyrics can impact the behavior of individuals and ultimately their communities also. Historically, when numbers of people begin 'vibing' off the same sound a new trend emerges in music".

Kevin L, believes that a lot of music today has encouraged negative behaviors that have claimed the minds and lives of countless numbers of people. Lyrics are filled with references to a life style of drug use, violence, and lewd sexual activity; desensitizing people to the value of human life. He says one of the ways this impacts the community is that local churches are not seen as a relevant place to be on Sunday morning or any other day of the week.

Kevin says, that faithful church goers are afraid to go out and try to bring their message of hope and praise in the areas where people are hurting most. Through R&P, he can bring Gods message to the streets redefining Gospel music and the traditional means of receiving Gods word. He wants to provide an outlet for people to express themselves and a means of re-enforcing positive self-image; giving them something to live for instead of something to die for.

Together, McKinney and Kevin L hope to positively impact society by demonstrating that there is another dimension of music and faith. Through Conscious Music Entertainment Companies and fresh sound of R&P, they want to inspire mutual appreciation and encourage people to share the hope that is within them in a relevant way.

About CME:
CME is a conscious company that promotes positive music and role models for future generations to engage in planting positive artistry in the industry of music and entertainment.