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RPMC Lasers Announces the Introduction of New Laser Products for Industry and Manufacturing

This press release discusses several new products made available to industry and manufacturing by RPMC Lasers, Inc. It discusses the versatile utility of these important laser components, products and systems that are designed to offer incredible accuracy in a wide range of professional applications.


O’Fallon, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/10/2015 -- RPMC Lasers, Inc., a trusted and respected name in a wide variety of laser products, components and equipment announces the introduction of new laser products for industry and manufacturing. With a proven reputation throughout the industrial community as well as among science, medical and aviation businesses, RPMC Lasers, Inc. provides solid-state laser systems that have proven incredibly reliable and dependable over the years. One company representative of RPMC recently stated that RPMC Lasers, Inc. is dedicated to providing its B2B customers with laser systems, laser products and laser components that have a proven track record. RPMC Lasers, Inc. offers a wide range of products including everything from CW lasers to amplifiers and fiber lasers as well as picosecond lasers and nanosecond systems.

One example of a recently released product is the new lightweight and rugged 5W 1572nm type DPSS Laser. This product comes direct from a quality manufacturer known as Bright Solutions. The product is innovative and unique in that it is extremely compact and is known for impressive power production. The system is air-cooled and is highly regarded because of its lightweight and rugged construction. With a single enclosure the system is intended to ensure easy and reliable integration into a wide array of end user type systems. Because of its unique and desirable single box design, the 1572nm DPSS does not require sensitive cable related connections or fiber optics for system integration. This ensures better productivity and better overall performance for industry and those in other fields where this type of equipment is essential to daily operation.

From plastics and metals marking to advanced machining and many other complex applications where the use of specific wavelengths are desired, the 1572nm DPSS is a clear choice when it comes to quality equipment. Other innovative equipment recently released by RPMC Lasers, Inc. includes the ultra-compact 1534nm ER: Glass Laser. This is another product produced by Bright Solutions that is air cooled and compact by design. This product as with others can be custom fitted to specific customer requirements as desired. From medical applications to laser illumination, the 1534nm ER: Glass Laser is a popular choice among professionals. Finally, RPMC Lasers, Inc. also recently released the compact air-cooled type picosecond laser at the 10W rating. This quality laser provides harmonic wavelengths of 532 NM and 355 NM. This laser is popular among those involved in repairs, nonlinear optics and DNA analysis as well as other applications. This recent announcement with regard to the introduction of new laser products for industry and manufacturing by RPMC Lasers, Inc. is one more key indicator that the company is dedicated to the long-term success of both its company and its customers.

About RPMC Lasers
RPMC Lasers is a company that traces its roots back to the mid-1990s and produces very high quality laser diode type products. The company features an impressive list of primaries including laser firms with proven track records in the industry. The company is known among peers, industry onlookers and customers for having extensive experience in the industry. The company is an OEM distributor of laser diodes, laser components and laser equipment. Representing select firms, RPMC Lasers has established itself as a trusted and respected name in the business.

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