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RSA Marketing Launches New Blog for OxCart Products


Wichita, KS -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/01/2014 -- Oxcart is a company founded in Wichita, KS in late 2013 which provides the latest, most durable dump carts for personal and commercial outdoor jobs. While most dump carts currently on the market are designed to carry lighter-weight material such as mulch, leaves or sticks; Oxcart has been proven to successfully pull heavy loads. Oxcart is set apart from other dump carts by its durable design; OxCart dump carts are dynamically-load-tested (real project tested) by an Independent Certified Lab to move 750 lbs.

With the wide array of yard carts on the market today, consumers have many questions about which cart will best fit their needs. With the guidance of RSA Marketing, Oxcart has launched a new blog to help answer these questions, and tell consumers what they need to know when it comes to buying and using different brands of yard carts.

The Oxcart blog offers examples through testimonials and video to show how the quality and durability of other carts have been exaggerated or have strings attached. Through each post, Oxcart helps to answer questions and provide useful information to make sure that their customers are provided with the best yard cart on the market.