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Rubber Club Announces Variety of Monthly Condom Packages for Members


Belmar, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2014 -- When it comes to safe sex, condom use is a must. To avoid the embarrassment and uneasiness of bringing a pack of condoms to the checkout line at a local pharmacy, Rubber Club has incorporated a discreet and stress free way of purchasing the protection needed for those leading a sexually active lifestyle. For the convenience of their members, the company is proud to announce they are now offering a variety of monthly condom packages.

With the monthly supply, members can choose the package that best fits their needs. Though the most popular package for Rubber Club members seems to be the 12-pack, every person is different, some needing more and some needing less. There are packages of 3, 6, 12, and 24 to satisfy cravings of all their members. Prices vary from package to package, where members pay as low as $5.99 for the three condom package, and just $24.99 for 24 condoms per month. Members of the club will be able to choose the condom brand they are most comfortable with, and have the capability of changing the brand at any time during their membership.

The cost for tax and shipping is incorporated into the price of the condoms, resulting in members paying less for their protection than when buying condoms in store. Members can add ‘sextras’ to their order, including lube, wipes, or Durex play vibrations to arouse partners. While condoms come monthly, the ‘sextras’ come once, but can be ordered in the future, as well. Shipments will arrive in a discreet box that won’t alert family members or mailmen where the package is coming from, and no personal information is disclosed to third party sources.

Bar coasters with unique quotes and sayings will be included in every monthly shipment. Customers can be completely confident when using Rubber Club for their monthly condom deliveries. Change the package as little—or as often—as necessary with no repercussions, and cancel the membership at any time. To inquire further, please visit the website today.

About Rubber Club
Rubber Club was developed to provide men with condoms discreetly. Through online ordering, users become a member of the club and will receive a new shipment of their condoms each month. The company respects the privacy of their members, and will never give away any personal information. The shipment is received by members in the same box as they would find in the local pharmacy or convenience store.

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