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Rubber Flooring Experts Now Features Their Various Rubber Flooring Products on the on-Sale Category


Burnley, Lancashire -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2015 -- Rubber Flooring Experts, a UK-based company, is now featuring various rubber flooring products on their on-sale category. Included in these products are the Classico Rubber Gym Matting, Nike Grind Rubber Gym Mats, Heavy Duty Interlocking Rubber Gym Mats and more. All products put on sale by the company are also exclusive of VAT. The prices of the on-sale products range from £9.25 to £275 depending on the item to be purchased.

Rubber flooring has become a popular material installed for commercial and residential applications, and exterior or interior environments. As a flooring material, rubber flooring and matting are known for their safety and comfort. It is also a flooring material that offers beauty, resilience and durability.

More importantly, these items are known for their ease of maintenance. All of these contribute to their being a convenient and cost-effective option for environments prone to heavy usage, wear and tear and spills.

Consequently, Rubber Flooring Experts is delighted to announce that they have put a number of their products on sale for those currently looking for rubber flooring in great deals.

The same selection of products is also considered as the top sellers of the company. Presently, there is a total of 8 rubber matting and flooring items that are available on-sale. The Grind Rubber Gym Mats are rolls designed to be installed in personal training studios, commercial weight rooms and home gyms. The Rubber Gyms Mats Interlocking are ideal for high traffic areas. And those people looking for rubber matting that is designed to offer maximum protection in the surfaces may consider the Rubber Interlocking Gym Mats Heavy Duty.

These are among the rubbing floor products which the company featured on their on-sale category. Individuals interested of knowing the complete list of on-sale products and learn more about the items are free to visit their Rubber Flooring Experts' official website.

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Rubber Flooring Company is based in United Kingdom. The company's offerings are not only limited to rubber flooring and rubber matting. They also have rubber sheets and rubber tiles. Its online store is open 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure that all customers are served well. Customers interested of doing business with the company may contact Express Matting Services Limited.

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