Rubber Stair Treads Make Stairs Safer and Protect Stairs


Boston, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/18/2013 -- Staircases are high traffic and potentially dangerous environments. Every year many people slip, fall, some are seriously injured and death can even result. Clearly stair safety is an issue. Also, durability, i.e. wear and tear, is also a concern. offers good news: solutions for both stair safety and durability.

In founder Joseph Baldwin’s own words; “I slipped the day before I started this Web site. Fortunately I just scared myself silly. I'm not exactly young, and falls are more serious now than when I was, for example, 18 years old. I immediately started researching stair safety information and this Web site is the result of that research. Our mission is in providing safety and durability information for stairs.”

It is also true that staircase safety concerns are more pronounced in households and places that have senior citizens, children, and pets. Seniors are more vulnerable to falls and consequential injuries on staircases are often serious. Children often leave toys and other objects on stairs and pets can be hazards making environments with them potentially more dangerous. Anyone who had slipped on a children’s toy or tripped on a dog can attest to that. However staircase safety is everyone’s concern.

One of the best ways of making your staircases safer is often using non slip coatings and coverings like rubber and vinyl stair treads. These not only help make the stairs anti-slip but also protect them from external impacts enhancing their durability. An added advantage of using them is that they can also add substantially to décor and appearance of the staircase and the surrounding areas. offers information on both outdoor as well as indoor solutions. Some are even trivial to install as they come saddled with self adhesive backing. It is not only rubber that is used but many other materials including vinyl which is cheaper in comparison.

In the end it will be you who will choose from available safety options befitting your requirements and budget. Clearly the use of non slip treads will go a long way in enhancing your staircase safety.

About is an informational Web site focusing on stair safety issues. Non slip coverings such as various tread materials as well as other safety approaches are covered.

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