Rubik's Cube Is 40, Free Rubik's Cube Date Night Idea

Aura Of Lovers Releases Romantic Date Night Ideas for Couples


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/28/2014 -- Free Rubik’s Cube love rules to celebrate 40 years – www.AuraOfLovers.Com, Rubik’s Cube date night love cube.

The Rubik’s Cube might have been around for 40 years; however its popularity in the beginning did not really catch on until the early 1980’s.

On average the age of Rubik’s Cube enthusiast from that time period has entered their late 30’s and up. Increasingly couples (s/he) are looking for more ideas and tools to help in the spontaneous romance area.

News Flash – Those Rubik’s Cube pioneers are all adults now! Some bachelorette’s and bachelor’s, while others are married or in short and long term relationships.

This is not just a Rubik’s Cube 40 year celebration. AuraOfLovers.Com is here to prove, no matter your likes or dislikes; they can add diversity and pretty much turn anything playful into a potential romantic rendezvous.

AuraOfLovers.Com started with a 1997 © “Sex-N-Games; Classical Games with an Erotic Twist” – Love rules for Backgammon, Checkers, Chess, Dominoes, Ambassador of Love Ode to Wo or Man and Magic Carpet Ride.

Their 2005 © “Ambassador of Love” focuses on the games people play and watch on television:

CARDS STRIP SEARCH STYLE - Each Strip Search Card Game E Book is $5.00, Price Justification: Inexpensive way to play and romance at the same time! How much does a deck of cards cost?

FANTASY SPORTS VOYEUR - Choose a team or player and play while watching television! When the home team is away, a fun way to watch and play! Factoid: They just did a survey (Feb 2014) - 80% of men would rather have sex than watch a game.

ROMANCE BOARD GAME RULES - Each Romance Board Game E Book is $8.50, Price Justification: Cheaper than a night at the movies for two (tickets, pop-corn, soda, candy, etc.) and the romance scenarios vary every time Aura of Lovers E Book romance rules are used – Can't do that with a movie ticket.....

According to FAMILY FEUD (Television Show) - these are the 4 games you never get to old to play: Monopoly, Scrabble, Checkers and Chess. AuraOfLovers.Com has those and more

So if you are not a Rubik’s Cube enthusiast, maybe you’ll become a Rubik’s Cube date night love cube enthusiast. However no worries www.AuraOfLovers.Com has a wide selection including Date Night Ideas – All E Books are delivered via your email address on ADOBE Acrobat PDF.

Editors, journalist, etc.: Aura of Lovers Media Kit is available -

Hardback and soft cover versions will be available May / June 2014.

ENJOY the site!

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