Ruby Cha Cha - One of Australia's Leading Market Research Companies


Darlington, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/17/2015 -- It's no secret that some firms struggle to realise their brand's potential. It can sometimes be hard to market a brand's products and services. Why? Because they aren't aiming for the right target market.

To solve that conundrum, many businesses enlist the help of market research companies. One of Australia's leaders in the industry is Ruby Cha Cha. Based in a suburb of Sydney, the company has helped scores of businesses since 2007. So, what makes them a cut above the rest?

The Ruby Cha Cha difference

One unique selling point of Ruby Cha Cha is that they are a "boutique" brand consultancy agency. That means they are specialists in their field and don't deviate from the fact.

They also only work with clients that can take full advantage of the services on offer. Many of Ruby Cha Cha's competitors have no issue being paid for not delivering the right results! But, when one uses Ruby Cha Cha, they can expect a tailored service that offers an excellent ROI.

Headed by CEO Ellen Baron, the company is a close-knit team of creative thinkers. Their mission is to help clients achieve their goals by unlocking brand opportunities. They also help them to discover new markets and targets to grow their businesses.

Here is how they do that:

Brand Development

At the heart of Ruby Cha Cha's services is brand development. A business may have an established brand, or are setting up a new one. Either way, they can help their clients to understand how to make their brand a perfect fit in the market.

Examples include looking at semiotics and identifying market opportunities. They also work with their clients to determine the best brand positioning.

Market tracking

It's crucial to learn more about a brand's target market. That way, the products offered can get tailored to offer a better fit for consumer needs. Ruby Cha Cha can assist companies with that task. They can also help with finding out details on the brand's current market share.

All those details can help brands to better align themselves with their intended audience.

Find out more about their market tracking techniques at

Focus Groups

When it comes to finding out more on a target market's interests, focus groups get used. It's a way to bring in the client to have a first-hand insight into their brand's effectiveness. Ruby Cha Cha are experts when it comes to setting up focus groups.

About Ruby Cha Cha
Founded in 2007, Ruby Cha Cha is a boutique market research company. They work with clients both in Australia and beyond. Some of those clients include brands such as Foxtel, Campari, Kellogg's and Nestle.

The team are passionate about delivering the best results to their clients. They thrive on challenges and love to push marketing boundaries.

For more information, contact:
Ruby Cha Cha
7 Ivy Lane
New South Wales
Telephone: +61 (0)2 8094 6800