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Rug Pad Corner Continues with Natural USA Made Rug Pads

Rug Pad Corner is pleased to announce that among an industry full of imported plastic rug pads, it continues to manufacture and offer only natural rug pads made in the USA.


Bethel, CT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/28/2013 -- Rug Pad Corner, the nation's online source of natural rug pads, announces that it continues to manufacture and offer only natural area rug pads that are made in the USA. The company knows that more and more suppliers are importing their rug pads from China and that these are made of inferior material, as well as adhesives and chemicals. In regards to this cost saving reason, Rug Pad Corner refuses to cut costs only to compromise on the quality of its rug pads.

"We are constantly approached by overseas manufacturers to save money and order their products", states Sam of Rug Pad Corner. "We insist on only offering natural felt and rubber rug pads that we have made in the USA." Sam explains that by manufacturing its rug pads in the USA, Rug Pad Corner can maintain the highest quality control in its rug pad material and production. Rug pads from a country such as China have become quite popular due to price. While these rug pads are inexpensive, they are also the same ones that are known to out-gas and damage hardwood and all types of hard floors. The most common form of such rug pads is the mesh looking ones that are found in popular stores.

Rug Pad Corner manufactures and supplies the public with natural recycled felt and natural solid rubber rug pads. The rug pads are made in the USA of American materials and are available in all felt, a felt and rubber combination and all rubber. All of the company rug pads are rated as safe for all floors and the environment. The company takes much time and effort to maintain its commitment of offering natural rug pads that it continues to maintain membership affiliations with several green organizations. "We know that most people don't care to know much about a rug pad", states Sam. "This is why we desire to constantly do our job to assure our customers that their rug pads are properly protecting their area rugs and floors."

Rug Pad Corner offers each rug pad on its site in every possible size and shape. The company knows that area rugs vary in size and shape, so custom cut rug pads are offered at no extra premium. Rug pad orders are cut once they are received and then are inspected, packed and shipped directly from the company warehouse. Customers include the actual end user, as well as interior designers, builders, architects and various rug stores.

About Rug Pad Corner
Rug Pad Corner is a Connecticut, USA based company offering natural rug pads online. The company offers felt and rubber rug pads in all sizes and shapes, as well as custom cut sizes. Every rug pad order ships within two business days for free within the contiguous United States.