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Rug Pad USA Create American Made Rubber Grip Pads for Rugs on Hardwood Floors


San Francisco, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2013 -- Rugs are a ubiquitous decorative item in modern households and have been so for thousands of years, since the time of the Persians who are still to this day associated with fine quality rugs. The modern household however has another aesthetic trend that tends to cause problems- the hard wood floor. On these floors, rugs can easily slip and wrinkle, at best being displaced and looking messy and at the worst potentially causing accidents. Rug Pad USA have created a rubber grip pad as a middle-man to bring harmony between rugs and hardwood floors, allowing for these decorative pieces to once again take pride of place on a polished floor.

Rug Pad USA manufacture American-made Non-Slip Rug Pads for Hardwood Floors, organic rug pads and cushioned felt and rubber rug pads in a wide variety of styles designed to tailor to the varied requirements consumers have when looking for such an item.

The online store allows them to sell these items direct to the consumer, cutting out any retail price-hike and keeping their high-quality items at competitive low prices. Sizes range from two feet by three feet to fifteen feet by fifteen feet, or eighteen feet circular. Consumers can also contact the manufacturer for a bespoke quote in special cases. The site offers 20 years guaranteed satisfaction and is subscribed to the eco-friendly certification program to ensure all products created are friendly to the environment.

A spokesperson for Rug Pad USA explained, “We’re proudest of all about the quality of our products, which really speaks for itself and for the quality of the American manufacturing industry of which we’re a part. The variety of sizes and types of these non slip rug mats ensures that there is something ideally suited to any need, and the rubber mats come in a wide variety of colors to best match the floor. We are excited to see the Rug Pad catching on as a practical solution to an irritating problem.”

About Rug Pad USA
Rug Pad USA manufactures quality rug pads and underlay’s for oriental rugs and area rugs. They are an all American company with a firm belief in American quality over foreign quantity. They are proud to say that all their rug pads are manufactured locally in the US by American workers. For more information, please visit: