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Rugged Kingdom RPG Makes Its Grand Debut, Almost


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/02/2013 -- Tom Perrett, a game programmer in United Kingdom (UK) is seeking additional finances for the creation, development, and distribution of his very own role playing game (RPG), the Rugged Kingdom.

Finances for the advanced programming and development of Rugged Kingdom are in majority coming from Perrett. He needs additional funds for the reproduction of this RPG game and for paying engineers and artists he has outsourced. Additional funds will help in developing, finishing, and distributing Rugged Kingdom.

Rugged Kingdom is a fantasy role playing game about the story of a hero whose identity is even a mystery to himself. In each challenge and mission, different characters are revealed and the identity of the hero is gradually uncovered. The main reason and person behind the doom that devoured the world is for the protagonist to solve. It is a very exciting game as the whole story is divulged little by little.

Tom Perrett is currently working with one of UK’s major utility companies. Whenever he is free or doesn’t have much work to do, he is busy with game programming. Rugged Kingdom is one of the many RPGs he has made. He is developing computer games to make a name for himself and eventually enter the computer gaming industry.

He is asking everyone to help him distribute and finish his gaming project, Rugged Kingdom. You can donate whatever amount you want. Funds collected will be used, mainly, to reproduce the game. A certain proportion will be paid to his outsourced team of engineers and artists. He needs the skills and knowledge of engineers and artists, alike, to enhance the quality of Rugged Kingdom.

Every cent you donate will be allocated to all his expenses in the creation of Rugged Kingdom. To learn more about Rugged Kingdom and its pioneer Tom Perrett, you can visit this website You can also send your donations here as links are provided in this website.

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