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Run Fishy, Run - JayJayM Games Presents Something Fishy in the Market


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/14/2014 -- JayJayM Games Releases Their First Public Version Of Run Fishy, Run! The wait for an exciting plus addictive game is now over. Run fishy run is the best game one can find in the mobile application stores. iPhone or Android JayJayM Games have created a game people of all ages can enjoy. Don't download this and hand the cell phone over to any other person. They will not give it back any time soon. With a 4.8/5 stars in the Android market, Run Fishy, Run is one of the best games available there.

Just as challenging as flappy bird, but way more fun. Run fishy, Run is a game in which a small fish has caught the attention of a hungry shark and now has to dodge multiple objects just so it can run away safely from the shark. The player controls the fish so the player has to dodge boxes, Jellyfish etc. The enemies and object that a player comes across in the game can also work together to make it even more difficult yet exciting. This game allows the player to challenge and beat a friend's score on Facebook. One can also add visual effects like awesome costumes. Use the coins found in the game and unlock new features and power-ups that make the game more exciting.

This game is so much fun that once a person starts to play it, it would be so hard for the player to put his/her cell phone down for even a second. Everything would disappear in this world and just the player, the cellphone and Run Fishy, Run is all there is.

Here are the words of some people who have downloaded Run Fishy, Run!

"Before this game I used to be so bored in my university during my break, but now i can't put my phone down even during my classes. This is all i want to do all day long! Awesome game!" - An Iphone user:

So go on. Download Run Fishy, Run Right now! The developers have not gotten one fault in the game up till now and they are certain they will not get any in the future either. Here are the links to download the game from mobile app stores. It is available for both iPhone and Android users.

Iphone users:!/id837180031

Andriod users:

About JayJAyM Games
JayJAyM Games are looking to give their players a gaming experience. The app is aimed towards providing entertainment.

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