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London, England -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/29/2018 -- One of the most reputable providers of superior quality SunSystems accounting software for medium and large sized businesses, SunAccounts Ltd offers cloud hosting services, which helps organisations run the most important aspect of their businesses, without connectivity issues. They provide a cloud system, FinanSys Cloud, which is extremely easy to use as all of the features and functionality of SunSystems is delivered simply via a web browser. Secondly, this cloud system is highly reliable as it supports hardware upgrades at regular intervals and has a staggering up-time guarantee of 99.96%. Furthermore, this system is highly immune and flexible as it is equipped with tools that allow quicker disaster recovery as compared to other systems. The team of professionals from SunAccounts Ltd have thorough expertise regarding the applications and infrastructure of the software and also provide 24/7 round-the-clock maintenance and system monitoring.

SunAccounts Ltd, established in 1998, has acquired a name for itself in the industry and has amassed a strong customer base across all of the UK with their world-class products and services. Besides providing cloud hosting services, they also provide a variety of services including training, support implementation, and enhancing the investment. SunAccounts Ltd is highly regarded for providing SunSystems, which is one of the most popular accounting systems worldwide. They provide Infor SunSystems with multiple features which make it flexible to use across various sectors, such as Professional, Non-Profit, Property Management, Financial, and Energy.

Talking further about the FinanSys Cloud system, a representative of SunAccounts Ltd stated, "FinanSys Cloud became the first hosting service solution dedicated to, and optimised for, SunSystems. FinanSys Cloud provides a secure SunSystems cloud hosting environment that is easy-to-use, scalable, highly accessible, and cost-effective. FinanSys Cloud is a dedicated environment (i.e. a private cloud as opposed to the more common multi-tenanted cloud), therefore it eliminates the problem of housing and maintaining your own computer hardware and associated infrastructure. FinanSys are providers of the most concise and fully managed cloud hosting services for SunSystems."

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As the only dedicated provider of SunSystems, SunAccounts Ltd specializes in the provision of SunSystems and vision reporting software; professional services and training; support and maintenance; and 24/7 private hosting. Individuals looking to make improvements, upgrade or requiring a better support service should get in contact today to see how they can help. They have fully qualified representatives worldwide, with local knowledge and expertise, who can work with customers to get the best from their investment.

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