Run Your Real Estate Business on Cruise Control by Hiring Filipino VA's


Lehi, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/25/2014 -- In this week’s IREL podcast, outsourcing maverick and celebrated e-commerce businessman John Jonas shares his success story and how he has managed to build a successful and lucrative empire that lets him manage his time between family, business and empowering other entrepreneurs to follow in his footsteps. This podcast gives great insight on his creation of the Replace Myself system and how real estate professionals in the US and other countries can take advantage of the virtual autopilot principle to help them gain momentous success in their business operations.

In the interview, John shares his story of success and how he has managed to work from home with no more than 17 hours a week while keeping his profit margins increasing every year. He also explains why the Philippines is such an attractive source of outsourcing resources that real estate companies can thoroughly take advantage of. In the IREL podcast, John Jonas, creator of the Replace Myself system talks about how the global real estate scene can take advantage of his methodology and hire Filipino online assistants to successfully run their real estate business.

Train a Virtual YOU

John’s system with its focus on training and development, has made it possible to outsource a significant amount of his daily workload, allowing him to spend more quality time with his family while gaining momentum and financial success.

John has been an at-home business owner for nine years, successfully managing his business with minimum hours spent at work and devoting more quality time with his family and pursuing leisurely activities such as golf and hockey. He has tapped 14 full-time staff stationed in the Philippines who take care of various operations aspects within his enterprise, and thanks to the training they receive his business operates at an outstanding service level.

” I was a terrible employee, It wasn’t that I didn’t like who I worked for but It was the no incentive policy that was what made me start my own business” John shares how running his own business was successful and on track when complications from his wife’s pregnancy led him to make an ultimate decision that would change the course of his business model, and outsource a significant portion of his responsibilities, explained John, adding that: “Hiring someone was the single most liberating experience of my life.”

He went on to recall how after hiring one Filipino VA full time, he all of a sudden had someone who would” do anything that I asked him to do”. John excitedly described his staff as intelligent and someone who would think through things. “I could focus on marketing; I could focus on other things instead of the minute little details,” John enthused.

He was quick to add though that training the staff made John realize how successful this process had worked for him to a point where he only spent an hour a week to run the operations.

Hire from the Philippines

Further on in the interview, John shares how the Philippines is a unique niche for hiring virtual assistants to manage real estate operations successfully. Additionally, with all the techniques and advice he is giving at Replace Myself, he stresses how Real Estate professionals all over the world can enjoy the same liberties he enjoys now.

”By setting up specific systems, you can put your real estate business on virtual autopilot.” John stressed. The interview shares how the right training application and systems can drive a real estate business to financial success.

“It's hard work but that's a big part of my success. If I teach them stuff, if I train them really well it will mean I will never have to do that same thing again,” John says of providing training to outsourced employees. In the interview, John shares case studies of real estate companies that have employed his training on virtual assistants and how they have gained critical accolade. He also discusses the specific type of products that are applicable to the process and how they individually make a difference.

To find out more about the benefits of hiring virtual assistants in the Philippines and using the Replace Myself system by John Jonas to autopilot your real estate business, listen to the IREL podcast or download it here. It is also available for download at iTunes.