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RunAway Music Enlightens Readers About the Next Generation of Music Distribution


Orem, UT -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/14/2015 -- Globalization has allowed artists to explore and expand new markets, they are now able to exhibit their artistic capabilities in their homeland and also present their work to foreign country's markets, where people appreciate the work and support artists. United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom and many European markets are some of the most receptive for new artists and their work. The internet allows artists and audiences to bridge the gaps and come together for the love of great music and art. This opportunity has also allowed Indie record labels to do worldwide distribution, opening doors to a world of opportunity. RunAway Music, is an emerging indie record label has recently announced that to bring new and exciting indie music to the world's audience and an opportunity for artists to conquer worldwide markets, they have initiated a partnership where CD's are manufactured on demand through Amazon as well as retailers for global distribution.

"Indie record labels can now do worldwide distribution, we believe that this is the next generation of music distribution, where indie bands and record labels are teaming up to accomplish distribution options that at one time only used to be available to major record labels." said RunAway Music media relations spokesperson. He added: "we are thrilled by the relationship that RunAway Music (our record label) has established with Amazon retailers as well as retailers for global distribution, which has enabled us to manufactured CD's on demand for distribution across the world. We are releasing to over 150 retailers worldwide, registered in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland and Swedish Pop Charts."

This supply chain collaboration will bridge the gap emerging music artists and indie bands faced when trying to introduce their work to markets locally and on a global scale. RunAway Music is currently making this possible of an indie band "All New Episode" from New York. The band and the record label have decided to team up and present their fresh new sound to the world. RunAway Music and All New Episodes has announced that the album Signature Edition is available for pre-order through select retailers such as iTunes. The album will officially release August 1, 2015.

RunAway Music is planning more collaborations and new album releases in the near future.

About RunAway Music
RunAway Music is an indie record label based in New York. The record is currently representing Indie band All New Episodes.

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