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Running Fred Sequel Launches More Entertainment Value for Gamers


Scottsdale, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/07/2015 -- The release of the much anticipated sequel to Falling Fred, Running Fred 2 has already won over the hearts of over thousands of online video game players all over the world. The statistics that has been collected recently online has shown a clear indication in the double for the demand of the game after the launch of its sequel.

It has been reported that the fun factor in the online game Running Fred lies in none other than the gamers trying to run and dodge in the same way as a car would. The adventure and risk level rises where players could actually end up with accidents or worse, be impaled to death due to a fall over spikes. The necessity for a healthy body and life insurance all adds to the realness of the game.

The game is easily accessible on popular hand held devices like those of iPhones and or android phones. At, gamers can also get exclusive versions that are designed to be compatible to any kind of device imaginable. there are also millions of apps additionally, on the Google Play store. The market place for android is for installable apps.

Its creators have announced that the premises for Running Fred is nothing new. As a matter of fact, individuals may even have come cross similar concepts on other kinds of the Android games. However, the particular attraction in the game is all about the character named Fred who has to navigate the way through a bunch of trials and obstacles. As the character leaps over challenges, the player earns points and even ends up overcoming traps of different kinds.

Most of the individuals who love this game have been reportedly those people who love adventures and running. The three game modes – adventure, endless survival and challenge are open to the personal choice of players.

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