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Running Shortcuts to Avoid


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 02/17/2014 -- Runners know that maintaining their best racing times and distances requires dedication to training and lifestyle choices. But one study conducted in Taiwan highlighted how making some choices (such as consuming a daily multivitamin) can actually make a person slack off in other areas because they believe that the supplement or other healthy choice can make up for the lack of effort in their training.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. And to be sure that runners keep their racing game up to par here are a few other short-cuts they should avoid to in order to keep striving forward toward faster times and longer distances.

When a runner experiences an injury, it can be tempting to take analgesic pain killers to block the pain and keep right on training. This is a mistake, and while these can be a temporary solution, a better plan is to train for active prevention of injuries by working on flexibility and strength training in addition to running. Runners need to keep hips, ankles, and feet strong in addition to their legs and can do so through yoga, Pilates, or resistance training workouts on off days from running.

Another common mistake is relying on stimulants for energy, or supplements to fill in nutritional gaps. While every now and again stimulants can be used and a multi-vitamin is a generally good idea, it’s better to maintain a nutritious wholesome diet and ensure plenty of rest to keep the body ready for training on a daily basis. Sleep not only helps replenish energy, but it’s the time when muscles repair themselves and can keep a person mentally fit in addition to enhancing their training. Nutrition helps maintain weight, energy, and provides support to developing muscle and is essential for any long-term goals one hopes to achieve.

Being aware of these short cuts and knowing why we should avoid them can help runners improve their overall performance times, and keep them running races all throughout their lives.

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