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Runway to Success Empowering Others Through Change in Start of the Upcoming Trump Administration


Hendersonville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2017 -- Runway to Success, an up and coming leader in the Career and Business Coaching industry is offering a webinar on the 23rd of January 2017 at 6:30pm CST titled "Finding the Beginnings in Endings." The online class, scheduled 3 days after the Inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump, is designed to support those who are dealing with transitions in their own lives for whatever reason, whether they come from inside or outside of one's control. The good news is the tools learned in this online session will support anyone who may have some fear over what the new presidential administration will bring to the country.

The 30 minute webinar is geared towards women aged 25 to 75 who are seeking clarity on what they want to do at this point in their life regarding a career or life transition. In this online training class, participants will learn invaluable skills such as how to identify some personal and professional transitions & knowing the grey area between endings and beginnings, the possible value of endings, and last but not least, knowing why endings can be frightening.

"I have been working with clients for years on finding their runway to success and this is a great time to give this training because we can compare our own personal life transitions against the backdrop of the national transition that will occur on Jan 20th. During this time, it is important for participants to understand that they don't have to sacrifice their passion and dreams in order to survive or just completely give up on any dreams," said Patricia Leonard, Owner of Runway to Success and webinar host. "I want individuals to know that fear of letting go of the present can be a planned process with little risk to income and personal goals. My goal is that the attendees walk away with hope and motivation that the life/career they dream of is possible through action and accountability."

The webinar is $8 for those who register before January 14th and $12 after that date. Participants can register for the event at and will get a confirmation email of how to attend the webinar a few days before the event.

About Runway to Success
Founded in 1995, Runway to Success has helped their clients manage the major transitions that naturally occur in life with confidence and success. Their mission is "to provide speaking, coaching and training services focused on helping the client clarify what they want to do, create a strategy to get there, and how to maintain forward movement."

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