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Russell Poole's Chaos Merchants Released as Mystery Surrounds Poole's Death (Ruled Natural Causes)


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/26/2016 -- The murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace are still classified as unsolved. Russell Poole continued to investigate those murders even after he was pushed out of the Los Angeles Police Department six months before his 20th anniversary with the department. Poole pursued the killers until his dying breath under mysterious circumstances.

Chaos Merchants, the book Poole was working on at the time of this death, with writer Michael Douglas Carlin, has finally been released on Amazon. Poole and Carlin previously teamed up on Tupac:187 with documentarian filmmaker, RJ Bond. RJ Bond returns to write the foreword for Chaos Merchants.

Russell Poole died August 19th 2015, mysteriously in a meeting with Los Angeles County Sheriff's about reopening the investigations into the murders of Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace. At the meeting Poole suffered a massive heart attack and died at Sheriff Headquarters in Monterey Park, California. The death made national headlines in media outlets including Rolling Stone, BET, The Independent, among others.

The death of Poole was ruled "natural causes" by the Los Angeles County Coroners Office but what makes this fishy is that Poole was meeting with Sheriff's about possible department corruption in both of the Suge Knight cases: the shooting at 1Oak on August 24th 2014, and the homicide investigation at Tam's in Compton.

Suge Knight is currently facing possible life in prison from murders charges resulting from the Sheriff's Investigation.

Poole, who for years held the view that Suge Knight was behind the Shakur and Wallace murders, uncovered a 1998 confession letter to the murder of Tupac that recast everything he believed. When Poole, Bond, and Carlin reexamined Poole's original case files in light of the letter it was a game changer. Poole had come to believe that Suge Knight was a victim on September 7th 1996 when Shakur and Knight were attacked in a drive by shooting in Las Vegas. Knight was the primary target of that attack because of the value of Death Row Records and those that stood to gain from the potential death of Death Row Records sole shareholder. At the time, Death Row Records was worth half a billion dollars. When Poole died he was meeting with Sheriff's Investigators to convince them to abandon their cases against Suge Knight due to conflict of interest and potential corruption and to enlist Suge Knight in solving the murders of Tupac and Biggie. Poole was, in effect, apologizing to Suge Knight.

The book examines all of the original case files that were purged from the LAPD murder books shortly after Russell Poole left the department by "Department Brass" in their effort to derail the investigations. Two civil suits brought by the family of Christopher Wallace were also derailed by the LAPD. The first case was ruled a mistrial when it was discovered that Detective Steven Katz had hidden thousands of documents from the plaintiffs. Steven Katz is now the Captain of Homicide at the LA County Sheriff's Department and was "in the loop" about Russell's meeting. Russell talked to an investigator the day before his meeting who confirmed that corruption had been uncovered in the Suge Knight shooting at 1Oak. That information is likely to surface in the coming Suge Knight murder trial.

Russell Poole, the LAPD Detective credited with solving the murder of Ennis Cosby, always felt that the Tupac and Biggie cases could be solved and he never stopped meeting with the D.A.'s office or law enforcement investigators in spite of the danger. He continued to investigate literally until his dying breath.

"Russell was adamant that every fact be footnoted," says writer Michael Douglas Carlin. "Chaos Merchants has sources for every single detail in the investigations." Both Tupac:187 and Chaos Merchants are a combination of all available video interviews with relevant witnesses, a confession letter to the murder of Tupac, and Russell's original case files. The books paint the clearest picture of everything known about the murders and what actually transpired.

Chaos Merchants, listed under True Crime, is available at Amazon in a Kindle version and at Smashwords.

About Russell Poole
Russell Poole worked at the LAPD for 19 ½ years and is generally credited as the police officer that blew the whistle on the Rampart Scandal. While working at the department as a Homicide Investigator he worked on over 300 murder investigations including the Ennis Cosby case he is credited with solving. He died mysteriously meeting with Sheriff's Investigators about reopening the Tupac Shakur and Christopher Wallace cases while working with Michael Douglas Carlin on Chaos Merchants.

About Michael Douglas Carlin
Michael Carlin is the documentary film director of the movie American Federale. He has also written the books, Tupac:187, Rise a Knight, A Prescription for Peace, Peaceful Protests and has most recently collaborated with Russell Poole on Chaos Merchants about the murders of Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls.

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