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CoachingSeduction.Info Now Starts Identity Verification Service, Ensures Protection Against Scammers from Russia

The dating fraud protection site came up with this unique service to help users know if they are dating real women or scammers. It helps in identifying Russian scammers list in the dating sites.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/29/2013 --, the dating fraud protection site, has started a new service that allows people to check a Russian woman background. Using this service, one can get access to Russian scammers list and know if he is dating a real woman or a scammer.

Dmytrii Berezniakov, the owner of the dating scam protection site says that lots of scammers from Russia make use of dating sites and it can be dangerous because their intensions are unknown. With the service like identity verification, people can now be aware about dating genuine Russian women.

He adds, “Apart from Russian women, we also check out for Ukraine scams with this service. We make use of private databases of Ukrainian and Russian women that are reserved to the official authorities for background check.”

The entire process takes 2-3 business days to generate accurate information. The process will check Russian travel agency, travel documents and passport to verify Russian girls’ background and these women will not know about the verification procedure, informs a spokesperson of the dating fraud protection site.

The spokesperson adds, “We also help to search blacklist of Russian and Ukrainian women. Users can search by name, city or country or by email address.”

The dating verification site conducts dating scam list checking process to help users know if the name, address, pictures and date of birth are real of fake. In addition, users can also continue verification express process of the service that allows them to see real pictures and place of work or study. This express process generates details from four major Russian social networks.

Michael T, Ohio says, “I have been into many Russian dating sites but not always sure if those women are real. Thanks to for bringing such a vital service that helps to check Russian woman identity in authentic manner.”

The service can perform background check for 95% of the Russian Federation territory and for the entire Ukraine.

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