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Rutherford Publishing House Introduces "Injured in an Accident?" - Ten of America's Leading Personal Injury Attorneys Share Their Wisdom

This book is a roadmap to help you avoid the pitfalls of handling a personal injury claim written by a virtual Who's Who in the world of personal injury litigation.


Ramseur, NC -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/20/2014 -- Fast becoming one of North Carolina's premier publishing houses, Rutheford Publishing House has launched yet another invaluable legal primer designed to help the layman navigate the perilous waters of personal injury claims.

Rutheford's newest book, written by Donald Marcari, Rich Spalding and ten of the top personal injury attorneys in the United States today, Injured in an Accident? pemiered on October 2, 2014 at, setting the bar for excellence in the following categories:

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-#1 - Personal Injury Law
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-#1 Personal Injury Law
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This book, a compilation equivalent to 5,000 minutes of face-to-face time with some ten of the best personal injury lawyers in the country, is written for the hapless individual who has suffered injury and loss as a result of someone else's negligence. Injured In An Accident? gives the reader a 'back-stage pass' to the workings of the legal system as it relates to personal injury law. In it, you'll find secrets that can change a quick, $10,000 settlement with an insurance company into a $50,000 settlement if handled by a personal injury attorney.

Injured In An Accident? will help you determine; how to choose a personal injury lawyer, help you to assess the damages you've suffered including psychological and long-term injuries which may not manifest immediately, and the complicated procedures necessary to actually collect those damages from the insurance company of the person whose carelessness turned your world upside-down.

While personal injury lawyers are often painted as greedy ambulance chasers, note that proceeds from this book, co-authored by the successful personal injury lawyers below, will be donated to Kiwanis, an International non-profit organization that sponsors a variety of projects bent on helping children have better lives.

The following top notch legal minds co-authored Injured In An Accident? : Donald Marcari, Chesapeake, Virginia, - Douglas R. Zanes, Tucson and Phoenix, Arizona - Howard D. Mishkind, Cleveland, Ohio - Jonathan S. Safran, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - Zackary Melkonian, Tampa, Florida - Steven T. Caya, Janesville, Wisconsin - Isaac L. Thorp, Esq. Raleigh, North Carolina - Joseph G. Macaluso, Bronx, New York - Peter Ventura, Ocoee, Florida - Frederick J. Boncher, Grand Rapids, Michigan.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured in an accident, this book is a must reading, so you don’t hurt your settlement by stepping on one of the hidden landmines associated with personal injury cases.

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