RV Automations Announces Launch of ShorePower Guard Emergency Automatic Generator Starter

RV Automations recently launched the ShorePower Guard Emergency Automatic Generator Starter as a smart backup for RV and motorhome owners who have to face the possibility of losing shorepower; Motorhome and RV owners have responded with enthusiasm.


Oklahoma City, OK -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/22/2015 -- Most people with an RV or motorhome realize how inconvenient, or even dangerous, it can be for a loss of shorepower to happen unexpectedly. Innovative motorhome and RV Products company RV Automations recently announced the launch of the ShorePower Guard emergency automatic generator starter that provides a smart and reliable solution to this problem. The ShorePower Guard reliably starts your generator when a loss of shorepower occurs unexpectedly, protecting pets, perishables and helping avoid other potentially serious problems.

"We are excited to be able to develop and market innovative products that will enhance the quality of the motorhome and RV living lifestyle," commented a spokesperson from RV Automations. "The ShorePower Guard is a product we feel very passionate about. It's delivers a huge amount of value, along with peace of mind."

According to RV Automations, the ShorePower Guard delivers several proven benefits to users of the product. The device monitors shorepower activity and any loss of power triggers the generator starter. As soon as the shore power is back on, the ShorePower Guard disables itself and returns to monitoring status.

The ShorePower Guard is simple for a dealer to install, with no complicated wiring or other concerns.

Early feedback for the ShorePower Guard has been extremely positive.

John M., from Ohio, recently said, "The ShorePower Guard is a five star product all the way. It was affordable, not a problem to get installed and works like a charm. Now we can rest easy that our pets are safe when we have them in our RV and not worry about losing shorepower and the summer heat harming them. We had one previous emergency auto-starter and it was not a good product at all. The ShorePower Guard is highly recommended."

The ShorePower Guard is available from your Motorhome or RV dealer or directly from RV Automations.

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