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RV Wi-Fi Offers Multiple Advantages over Traditional Satellite Connections


North Warrandyte, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- The Internet keeps individuals connected virtually anywhere in the world and the routers and software available through RV Wi-Fi enables those with recreational vehicles to live a connected lifestyle on the road. Designed specifically for use by those with caravans and motorhomes, the routers and software offered by the firm has multiple advantages over traditional satellite connections.

"Wi-Fi offers a significant improvement over satellite connections," said Ross Irvine, owner of RV Wi-Fi. "The cost of hooking to a network at a campground or park can cost up to $2 per minute, you only have access while you're there, and then there are all those annoying chargers and cords to manage."

Most RVs come with the ability to connect to the Internet, but with RV Wi-Fi, families take the Internet with them and have connectivity even while towing their caravan or driving their motorhome down the road. The company's equipment provides access to the Telestra 3G and 4G network through a phone hotspot or mobile device. Individuals only pay for the time they access the Internet while using their caravan.

The router and software features set-it-and-forget-it technology, eliminating the need to reset it each time it's used. The equipment works with the Telestra network that offers the greatest array of options and connectivity throughout Australia. The system requires a standard 12-volt power connection that eliminates the headaches of managing multiple cords and chargers.

Connectivity extends approximately 50 meters from the recreational vehicle, allowing individuals to leave the caravan or motorhome to enjoy activities with family, stream videos, listen to music and engage in their favorite entertainments. The technology is capable of handling multiple device connections at the same time, enabling each family member to enjoy their favorite pursuits.

Depending upon individual usage, most members of the RV community utilizing the RV Wi-Fi equipment will experience an average cost of $30 to $50 per month. While no telecommunication system extends everywhere, service is available to most areas designed for use by recreational vehicles.

The Internet connectivity offered with RV Wi-Fi equipment provides significant advantages over traditional satellite connections. Individuals aren't tied to their recreational vehicles or controlled by directional concerns inherent in satellite systems. Specifically designed for the mobile lifestyle of RV users, the company offers an essential resource for busy families on the go.

Media Contact:
Owner: Ross Irvine
Phone: 0435 751 240
Address: 18 Winding Way, North Warrandyte VIC 3113, Australia