Ryan Behrens Looks to Raise Funds via Kickstarter to Publish His Comic Book 'EPOCH'

A man dies a good person but a non believer. He is in limbo living on earth half dead half living. He can see demons and wants to help.


Bothell, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/16/2014 -- 30 years old Ryan Behrens lives in Seattle WA and he has just graduated with a BFA in media arts and animation. Art is Ryan’s life. He has an ambition to be an artist for a living, but for now he is a cashier at a grocery store. This project can get Ryan on his feet.

Ryan needs to get this project off the ground and into a publishers hands with enthusiasm. He has high hopes for this project and believes in it.  This project, however, still needs a lot of work, touch ups. Ryan also needs an author to write it for him. He has the storyline nailed down, but Ryan is an artist and not a writer.  This is a project that is built for further issues. Ryan needs to get this first one done to get started. If he can get this first one done, he can hire other artists to share the work load for the next issue as well. 

The first issue is the most important because it sets up the world, the story and introduces all of the characters.  It is the most important because without it no other issue can happen.  With the money raised, Ryan can touch up , clean up and finish this issue, and polish this for publishing. 

This project will only be funded if at least$5,000 is pledged by Thursday Feb 6, 7:15pm EST.

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