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S2LocalMarketing Unveils Unique, New, Highly Effective Local Marketing Program

New, proprietary, systematic approach to delivering marketing results for locally focused businesses will enable company to make big differences for even more clients, S2LocalMarketing.com reports


Ashburn, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/07/2014 -- Online marketing specialist S2LocalMarketing announced a new program aimed at helping local businesses in the Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, and Maryland areas and elsewhere improve their visibility and brand recognition. The new program is comprised of a number of distinct services which, acting in conjunction, have been proven to greatly increase the online lead-generation and conversion rates of locally oriented businesses. S2LocalMarketing is one of the leading providers of such services, and its innovative new program promises to deliver even more impressive results than have previously been possible, even considering that it is already the SEO expert DC area businesses have found the most success with.

"Through working closely and exclusively with local businesses in our areas of operation and over the Internet," company representative Derek Howard said, "we have come to understand the most effective ways to help these operations garner the attention they deserve. Our new all-in-one digital marketing strategy is going to provide some revolutionary results for our clients." Search engine experts today agree that a full third of all Internet searches are aimed at unearthing locally-relevant results, with most of these users seeking out products and services from local businesses. Despite this fact, businesses of local scale and market reach have traditionally lagged behind larger operations in terms of taking advantage of digital marketing opportunities. S2LocalMarketing focuses solely on helping these smaller-scale, locally oriented businesses quickly and cost-efficiently increase their marketing results through the use of a variety of innovative and powerful services.

The new local marketing package just announced by S2LocalMarketing incorporates a variety of different approaches which were selected to reinforce and amplify one another. Traditional search engine optimization techniques are used to organically raise the profile of existing web assets within search engine results, a process which may uncover opportunities for further improvements. At the same time, focused social media marketing campaigns provide an instant boost to the visibility of client businesses across the whole range of ways that prospective customers today typically engage digitally with companies they might consider patronizing. Mobile marketing efforts ensure that these sorts of contacts can occur during the most opportune moments, when customers are already out and about and therefore most likely to head immediately to a local business. Depending on the particular needs of particular businesses, further supporting efforts such as pay-per-click advertising campaigns and video marketing pushes may also be recommended.

"Here at S2LocalMarketing, we focus intently and consistently on results," Howard concluded, "and that philosophy has allowed us to make an incredible difference for a long and growing list of clients. Our newly released marketing package is going to make us even more effective in this way, so we couldn't be more excited to announce it." Those interested in taking advantage of S2LocalMarketing's newly unveiled marketing program or in discovering more about the company's offerings may do so conveniently at its website.

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