SAAVI Mobile Ordering Brings Users Exclusive Deals

In the modern world, every penny counts. Consumers cannot afford to pay more than is necessary for the products they need. Here to prevent overpaying is the SAAVI mobile app.


Melbourne, Victoria -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/14/2016 -- Today, the travelling salesman is a thing of the past. Instead consumers sit through dishonest and repetitive commercials, often creating brand animosity. SAAVI Mobile Ordering app is here to change just that. The application serves as a sort of marketplace for its users allowing them to purchase everyday items directly from producers. In this way, costly complexities are removed, and businesses are able to give their clients the best prices. Additionally, the SAAVI platform serves as a channel for businesses to give specific groups of their clients targeted promotions. This practice removes the all-too-typical occurrence of receiving a useless coupon.

In addition to this efficiency, SAAVI comes at an actually affordable price making it perfect for small businesses, sales representatives, and consumers. Additionally, the savings both businesses and consumers receive by using SAAVI are phenomenally high, granting the SAAVI platform a high return on investment (ROI). This affordability combined with a real-time inventory system, an attractive aesthetic that sells, as well as around the clock customer support serves to make the SAAVI mobile ordering app the most promising mobile ordering platform around.

SAAVI was conceived by Phil Talbot in 2010 in an effort to redesign the modern marketplace. To this extent the company is succeeding. In fact, SAAVI has garnered a plethora of clients including Fastrac Foodservice and Aquanas Foods. With a just in time (JIT) production method, SAAVI is able to be both fast and efficient, qualities which are essential to the businesses SAAVI works with.

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