Ultra Sabers

Sabers Come Equipped with Custom Premium Obsidian Soundboard

Star Wars Lightsaber Specialist Introduces Compelling Sound Options for Its Sabers


San Jose, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/15/2013 -- Ultra Sabers, a premier Star Wars lightsaber maker, is happy to announce that its sabers come with the custom Premium Obsidian soundboard. Now, customers can get lightsabers that capture the exciting sounds of a lightsaber duel and feature amazing customization options.

How does the Obsidian soundboard work? It works with something called a soundboard sound font, which is simply a collection of sound effects that make the light saber sound awesome. For every aspect of lightsaber usage, including powering on, powering off, booting up, locking up, idle hum, clashing, and motion, the soundboard produces the appropriate sound in response. Nothing is as convincing for dueling lightsabers than faithfully reproduced lightsaber sound FX. Best of all, customers can stick with one sound font or mix and match them for a totally unique and shockingly real lightsaber experience.

On top of the Premium Soundboard, Ultra Sabers offers a wide variety of lightsabers, saber parts, and saber accessories. For further customization, customers can even build their own lightsaber. According to a spokesperson for the company, “In addition to amazing customization options, our sabers are well-built and durable enough to use in lightsaber duels or battles.” Featuring a great warranty and dedication to customer service, Ultra Sabers is the perfect choice for Star Wars fans.

About Ultra Sabers
For many years, Ultra Sabers has offered high quality and authentic Star Wars lightsabers and lightsaber accessories to enthusiastic fans everywhere. The company has perfected lightsaber replicas for fans to use in their own duels or as part of an authentic costume for events like WonderCon or ComicCon. With high quality and features like the Premium Obsidian soundboard, Ultra Sabers has taken the Star Wars lightsaber experience to a whole new level. For additional information please visit, http://www.ultrasabers.com/.