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Sabre Jetting Services LTD Purchases Diamond Drilling Rig


Birmingham, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/21/2014 -- Sabre Jetting Services Ltd has recently added to the list of services they are able to offer after purchasing a diamond drilling rig. During a major project where they had employed a subcontractor to carry out sawing and drilling, the subcontractor unfortunately went into liquidation and they decided to continue the works themselves employing the sawing operators already working on the project.

With a large phase of the works remaining, they were able to ensure the project continued with minimal delay and even managed to increase productivity by changing the methodology following consultation with the operators. Sabre Jetting Services Ltd managed to reduce the programme significantly helping to claw back time lost by the client in preparation for the sawing and hydro-demolition works.

Following the successful completion of this project Sabre Jetting Services Ltd are now able to offer sawing and drilling services in conjunction with hydro-demolition on projects where both demolition methods are required. This has been particularly beneficial on one of their current projects at Ash Flats Bridge in Stafford, where both methods have been utilised safely and successfully to remove the parapet, whilst working directly above the live M6 carriageway.

Sabre Jetting Services are constantly looking to advance the services they provide in order to offer their clients the most comprehensive and efficient service possible, utilising the most appropriate techniques for the tasks at hand. To find out more about the services they offer contact them now on 0121 706 9801 or visit

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