SaBuy Launches Ice Ball Tray for Round Ice Cubes on the Amazon Marketplace

SaBuy has created a high quality mold that will create cool spherical ice cubes to put the snowball into alcoholic drinks this Christmas and lift spirits to new levels.


New York, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 12/20/2013 -- Winter brings the necessity to keep home fires burning, and many love to step out of the cold into a nice warm house. This paradoxically however means many people still enjoy a nice cold drink in the winter holiday season and for this they require ice. Ice cube trays can be difficult to manage because their plastic construction is rigid and adhesive and the squares have a tendency to stay put or fly out uncontrollably. SaBuy is a new company specializing in the creation of novel solutions to everyday problems, and has created a solution to ice cubes that is both easy and beautiful.

Their ice ball maker creates sophisticated spherical ice cubes using a silicon mold that the ice forms within but does not stick to, and its flexibility makes it easier than ever to eject the balls into the glass. The mold is capable of making three ice balls at once, and is affordable enough to buy in multiples.

The SaBuy Ice Ball Maker has been listed on the Amazon marketplace and comes replete with a detailed product description, and a high quality image gallery that shows how the ice ball maker can be employed to create colorful balls to add a sense of vivacity to classic cocktails.

A spokesperson for SaBuy explained, “Snow ball fights are one of the most evocative images of Christmas, and the crystallization of water into ice not only evokes the season but makes drinks taste better too. By creating an ice ball mold from silicon we have ensured that the ice itself does not stick to the tray it is molded by, and has no sharp edges or flaws, creating the perfect sphere. The iceballs are a novel way to make drink serving a conversation starter and bring a little novelty to time honored traditions, all without requiring any more effort than typical square ice cubes.”

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