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Sacramento Handyman Gutter Services Keep Rainwater Problems at Bay


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/03/2016 -- Homeowners shouldn't have to worry that rainwater might wreak havoc on their house. Fortunately, Sacramento Handyman now offers services to help keep gutter problems out of sight and out of mind.

Those who need gutter cleaning, repairs or installation can take advantage of Sacramento Handyman's gutter experts who make sure rainwater flows where it needs to – away from the home.

"Clogged gutters and those in disrepair can cause substantial damage to a house," said Sacramento Handyman Owner Frank Winton. "We can help homeowners ensure their gutters don't lead to more costly problems."

When gutters work properly, rainwater is directed toward the eaves of a house and then away from the property. Gutter blockages and leaks cause rainwater to flow toward a house, which can result in multiple issues.

Soil erosion occurs when water continuously flows onto the same spot and causes soil to slope toward a house, which creates a path for water to run toward the foundation. Water that flows toward a home can then cause the foundation to deteriorate. Water that flows incorrectly can also allow moisture to seep behind a house's fascia and siding, which causes sheathing and wood supports to rot.

Sacramento Handyman can perform simple gutter cleaning and inspect for areas in need of repair or replacement. Inspection can show problem areas where gutters have developed cracks and holes or pulled away from the structure.

For gutters in need of replacement, the company offers several options to meet any budget, desired look and function. Return on investment varies based on damage resistance, curb appeal, maintenance requirements, and seams and joints.

Vinyl gutters are affordable, come in a wide array of colors and are a good option for Sacramento's warm climate. The absence of seams or joints in Aluminum gutters, another budget friendly option, reduces the chance for leaks to develop. Copper gutters can appear costly up front, but last long and provide the best curb appeal. Stainless or galvanized steel gutters are more durable than aluminum, but cost less than copper. Wood gutters provide a more traditional look that matches some older homes.

Sacramento Handyman also offers preventative services with gutter guard installation. Gutter guards allow rainwater to flow into gutters while debris it kept out.

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