Sacramento Hot Tubs

Sacramento Hot Tubs Announces the Opening of Their New Retail Location

New hot tub store opens in Sacramento offering wide range of services


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 05/12/2014 -- Sacramento Hot Tubs proudly announces the opening of a brand new location in California. The company's goal continues to be to offer the top industry brands while providing exceptional service at every level. Customers find the company employs only those who are friendly and knowledgeable, and all employees are willing and able to address customer questions and concerns while guiding each client through the purchase process.

"Hot Tubs Sacramento offers many benefits to users and our Hot Tub Dealers Sacramento want to ensure each client obtains the most from their new unit. Whether one is purchasing their first hot tub or replacing a unit they already have, staff members will be more than happy to help all find the perfect model for their needs," Sondra Lees, spokesperson for the company, proclaims.

Some remain hesitant to purchase a hot tub as they worry about the maintenance requirements of a unit of this type. As the staff at Sacramento Hot Tubs explains, caring for a spa doesn't have to be a difficult task. One just needs to remove any dirt build up using a mild, non-abrasive cleanser, one that doesn't create suds, applying this cleanser with a nylon scrubber or soft rag. The surface easily cleans up with baking soda one has in their kitchen.

Hot tubs offer many health benefits which should be considered when one is debating purchasing a unit of this type. Joint and muscle problems become less troublesome when one makes use of a hot tub as the water soothes the aches and pains while those suffering from insomnia find they sleep better when they soak for 30 minutes before bedtime. Blood flows better after one uses a hot tub, and the user retains the ability to direct the flow of water to where they need it most.

"Stop by Sacramento Hot Tubs today to learn more about the products offered and their many benefits. Although pregnant women and those with high blood pressure shouldn't use a hot tub without their doctor's permission, most find the use of a hot tub improves their health in a number of ways. Caring for the hot tub isn't difficult either, so everyone should consider purchasing a device of this type for use in their own home," Lees states.

About Sacramento Hot Tubs
Sacramento Hot Tubs began when a group of industry professionals came together to establish a new company, one dedicated to providing exceptional service and the number one brands. The company functions to make a difference within the local hot tub industry, and the company plans to dominate the local market by focusing on these two goals above all others.