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Sacramento Party Jumps Introduces Efforts to Combat Summer Learning Loss Among Students

Party rental company does its part to ensure students face fewer academic struggles


Sacramento, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- Ongoing psychological research indicates students of all ages tend to lose the equivalent of approximately one month of academic training during summer vacation, particularly in the area of Mathematics; as a result, many students falter once they return to school. This depletion of factual and procedural skills has been linked to lack of physical activity and cognitive stimulation. On the other hand, increased physical activity has been found to reduce memory loss.

In an effort to combat the negative impacts of summer vacation, Charles Thorpe Barbier of Sacramento Party Jumps has launched efforts to promote the importance of physical activity during those months when children are not in school. Barbier explained, "Many of the children affected by this type of learning loss simply don't get the exercise they need during the summer for a number of reasons. The moonwalk rentals Sacramento Party Jumps offers can help by giving children and teens a reason to go outside and be active."

Studies reveal the reason for this deficit in information retention seems to be due to decreased cell production in the cerebral cortex as well as the basal ganglia. Exercises such as walking and running boost production of a specific protein vital to neural cell growth and regeneration. This progression affects the cerebral cortex and basal ganglia among other areas of the brain essential to memory. The pre-frontal cortex is responsible for retaining long term memory whereas the basal ganglia retrieves procedural memories such as those necessary for mathematical problem solving.

The extent of skills sacrificed is attributed largely to students' environments away from school with those who remain home throughout the summer receiving the brunt of the consequences. Those involved in daycare and summer school activities spend more time outside with their peers and are exposed to greater academic incitement than those whose lives are lacking in these areas. Sacramento Party Jumps bounce house rentals encourage physical activity; furthermore, the company's obstacle courses and interactive games foster cognitive strength.

Concluded Barbier, "Aside from getting students back outside rather than inside watching television or playing video games, our inflatable rentals certainly encourage interaction with others and help children forge friendships. The water slide rentals from Sacramento Party Jumps are also perfect for thwarting the heat of summer. Parents may also want to take advantage of some of our supplemental equipment, such as our bucket of water guns. These can really help to keep kids cool while increasing their physical activity and fostering academic excellence."

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