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Sacramento Unlawful Detainer Service Stops Wrongful Eviction


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/22/2013 -- Tenants under distress in Sacramento are advised to employ a lesser-known 866 process to counter an unlawful detainer complaint brought against them, say pro-tenant agencies and services in the city. Advocates from service organizations and other tenant groups believe this is an is real phrases a important tactic for successfully avoiding eviction while seeking to resolve a landlord’s eviction summons, and that it can produce a more just proceedings that reduces the expediting pressure put on tenants to reach a premature settlement about the dispute.

Using a Sacramento unlawful detainer service helps protect of the interests of tenants from overly aggressive or erroneous eviction actions. Avoiding an unfair summons can be as simple as responding to the complaint within the timeframe established by the city and state for dealing with eviction notices, using the 866 process. According to the website of the Superior Court of Sacramento, tenants “normally have only five (5) calendar days to file a response with the court located at Carol Miller Justice Center. This may be an Answer or other legal pleading. Forms are available at no charge through the Judicial Council or in the lobby of the Unlawful Detainer Department.”

Tenants intending to find the summons on their own can file an Answer using the court form available for this purpose, then try to add more 866 eviction process information once the answer is in the pipeline. Tenant supporters believe use of professional or registered service is the best way to handle an unlawful detainer eviction summons, as the agents will know how to proceed with the method. Typically, properly contesting the summons in this manner can extend eviction process five months or longer, during which time the tenant can find the money to cover arrears.

The court and agencies then verify if the landlord has addressed the counterclaims made in the Answer, as part of the eviction proceedings The case may also perform further discovery to determine if discrimination, outstanding repairs or other negligence is involved on the landlord's part, and once confirmed the issue may throw out the eviction summons altogether. Observers predict the use of the 866 method will rise in Sacramento, due to its usefulness in permitting enough time to be added to the process to ensure that tenants have the opportunity to fully present a good counter complaint.


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