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Sacred Messages: A Mystical New Memoir Shares the Gift of Family and the Promise of Love in a Stunning, True Spiritual Odyssey

Written by Linda Kobler, this poignant and uplifting true story reveals the sacred bond between mother and child, and proves that love is everlasting.


Rockford, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/17/2014 -- When her beloved son Jeremie died in 2012, Linda Kobler began an overwhelming journey of grief and emerged a changed woman.

In her new book, ‘Sacred Messages: A True Story’, Kobler shares her voyage of discovery and ultimately, offers a glowing light to guide anyone struggling with the reality of loss. At the core of the book is Kobler’s abiding love for her family, children and her brave determination to keep hoping – even when all hope seemed to be gone.

As Kobler attests – her hope and faith was rewarded.

“Sacred Messages come to all of us, one must simply open their eyes to see. Miracles happen every day.

By going through the fire and triumphing, I became aware of an amazing reality. I want to offer hope to others – your loved ones are still with you. I know this to be true.”

Beautifully written and stirringly courageous, ‘Sacred Messages: A True Story’ is a vibrant and extraordinary portrait of a love that lasted beyond death.


The death of a child is the most devastating event that can happen to a mother.

In this powerful and deeply moving account, Linda Kobler shares her arduous journey after the tragic death of her son, Jeremie in 2012. She applauds her family and their extraordinary gifts of light and spirituality, which gave her hope.

With candor and courage she gives voice and vision to the reality of loss, the love of family and the promise of faith. SACRED MESSAGES will take readers on a transforming, mystical odyssey from grief to understanding and suffering to epiphany.

Kobler's story is remarkable and triumphant and most of all it is true.

Since its release, ‘Sacred Messages: A True Story’ has touched readers all over the world, and received rave reviews.

“Life is never ending and as this book attests, so is a Mother' love,” wrote Judy Meadvin.

Calling the book “an amazing true story”, Maggie wrote: “I anxiously waited for my copy of Sacred Messages to arrive in the mail like Ralphie in the Christmas Story. I tore open the package and read as fast as I could. It is a moving story of a Mother's love, faith in God and spiritual happenings in her entire life. I was so moved by the beautiful writings of Linda. I will read it again to savor the words.”

"I downloaded the book to my kindle, I couldn't put it down. Thank you so much for sharing your very interesting family memories,” wrote Teri K.

“The book is a living and loving tribute to a much loved child who is no longer visible on this plane but is present just the same,” wrote Judi M.

“Judy O. "Got it - read it - loved it - very thought provoking."

‘Sacred Messages: A True Story’ is available now: http://amzn.to/1npxKVE

For more information, please visit the official website: http://www.sacredmessagesthebook.com/home.html

About Linda Kobler
Linda Kobler is a Registered Nurse who has practiced psychiatric nursing for forty-three years. She has dedicated much of her professional life as an advocate for the disabled and individuals with severe mental illness. She fought relentlessly to stop the closures of mental health centers in Illinois and has been recognized by Illinois Nurses Association for her efforts.