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SAE Mutli-Modal Voice Text Solutions Favored over Traditional Voice-Only Picking

SAE Mutli-modal Voice Text Solutions Favored Over Traditional Voice-Only Picking


Houston, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 10/18/2012 -- Systems Application Engineering, Inc. (SAE),, a Motorola Premier Solutions Partner and a Zebra Premier Partner, headquartered in Houston, TX for more than forty years, has been a leader in Order Selection and Loading, Voice-Guided Picking, GS-1 Product Traceability, Proof-of-Delivery (POD), Direct Store Delivery (DSD), Operator Driven Reliability, Condition-Based Monitoring and Mobile Computer equipment sales.

Owners of conventional voice-only solutions are turning to Selector Pro by SAE, a new multi-modal Voice/Text solution for faster, more accurate picking. Companies are getting ahead of product traceability requirements, changing the industry worldwide. Selector Pro’s hybrid design harnesses each technology: voice, text, barcode scanning, and wearable printing. Combining these technologies brings a new level of product safety and risk management to every supply chain.

The advantages of Selector Pro and the new multi-modal Voice/Text solution are ideal for retail, wholesale and food service picking operations. This technology platform enables full implementation of GS1 product traceability protocols. SAE's U.S. patented technology for scanning and printing case labels at time-of-pick is essential to traceability.

The features include comprehensive product level traceability via barcode scanning from pick slot to customer location; hands-free, voice guidance picking for maximum productivity, as well as non-voice pick validation to combat selector’s memorization of check digits. Selector Pro also provides voice guidance to next pick and text preview of upcoming picks; also prints case labels at time-of-pick, enabling traceability across the supply chain.

SAE specializes in solutions that have improved operational performance for customers in the world’s most demanding and dynamic environments. SAE technology has unlocked millions of dollars of bottom line benefits in distribution facilities (grocery, food service, and electronics), Artic pipelines, process plants and refineries.

SAE delivers proven product platforms based on wireless computing, bar code scanning, voice guidance and software that are rugged, reliable, scalable and seamlessly integrated. These factors combine to produce a ROI (return-on-investments) that customers rely on.

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SAE is a privately held, global company with an international customer base and a reputation for proven performance. SAE’s dedicated professional team ensures that, while technology will change, the company commitment to innovation, service, support and the customer’s success will not.

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