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Saeron-I, Inc. Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Produce ChirpAngel


Gyeonggi-do, South Korea -- (SBWIRE) -- 04/12/2018 -- As data accumulates through talking with ChirpAngel, talking for fun, training methods, and even emergency response options available.  Have fun talking with a beloved companion.  ChirpAngel Messenger is not a meaningless virtual chat.  Rather, it is a very special conversation that considers the pet's daily routine and thoughts.  It builds over time based on registration information and data usage.

Some examples of times that a message will be sent to a pet owner, in the texting voice of their pet:

- Time for a walk
- A special treat on their birthday
- Being home alone for a long time
- How much a pet has moved while at home alone

Dogs love to explore new areas when taking a walk.  After a walk, the pet may send a message thanking the owner for the lovely walk.

Setting the pets picture according to the characteristics assigned in the settings allow message with various pictures to be generated in appropriate situations.  For example, when a pet has been home along too long, the owner may get a message reminding the owner that he is lonely and needs a walk.  The accompanying picture can show the pet laying down on the floor, looking forlorn.

How the Basic Messaging System Works

- Data Collection – First, the database is built with data based on location, the forms of conversation, records of walks, vet visits, and other activities.

- Expression – Short sentences are used to improve dialogue and make it more realistic.

- Direction of Development – Conversations, creating the link between the owner and the information obtained (an API), and using the data collected allow the owner to build their own personal database on their pet.

Safety Mode

When a dog is lost, it plays voice message to help, including its owner's phone number.  This voice focuses the attention of the surroundings and help them find the lost dog quickly.  Stroll mode makes it possible to receive an alarm when the pet leaves a particular area around the pet owner.  A safety zone and exit alarm also send an alert to the pet owner when the pet leaves the safe zone.

Located on the web at, ChirpAngel offers pledge levels from $25 to $2320, including everything from a ChirpAngel to various harnesses.  For more information, visit the Indiegogo page.

Contact Person: Aron Kim
Company: SAERON-i Inc
City: Gyunggi-Do
Country: Republic of Korea
Phone: 82 31 7961712