Safari Company Launches Indiegogo to Save Animal Farm

Hopes to End Trophy Hunting in Local Area


Limpopo, Botswana -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/05/2014 -- They roam on a farm near the majestic Limpopo River, unaware of the danger they will encounter. A man made danger, encroaching on species both endangered and protected. One day, unsuspecting, they will wind up as a trophy, mounted on a wall or made into a skin rug. Trophy hunting. Very much frowned upon by UN Rio Accord 1992 countries, the practice is very much alive and thriving in areas of the world where money and corruption speak louder than animal rights. One Safari company hopes to make a difference by stopping the practice locally and has launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds from angel investors to make that happen.

Many people are unaware that while trophy hunting is illegal, there are ranchers who will allow hunters to pay them immodest sums starting at around $4000 USD to stay at the ranch and hunt captive ranch animals. The Safari Company hopes that by raising this money, they will be able to turn their local trophy hunting ranch into a protected game reserve where the rules change and hunters are no longer permitted.

Investors will help buy a hunting farm in Botswana and its land - around five thousand hectares. The goal is to then stop all hunting, remove the fences freeing the captive wildlife and re-integrating the animals to the ecosystem. The game farm will then be turned into a game lodge and working very closely with the will create more sustainable.

Perks for sponsors include personalized certificates and stays at the farm when it has been converted in order to connect with the ongoing work there. They hope people will see the need of helping these protected and endangered Botswana species as an example through their gift and for those that can't give, they hope they will share their story to make the campaign viral through social media.

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