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Safe and Secure Training Announces Its SIA Approved Close Protection Training


Newport, Wales -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/07/2012 -- Safe and Secure Training is planning to announce to the public today its highly effective SIA approved Close Protection training for both civilians and military in the United Kingdom.

Thomas Collison, media contact, was asked earlier about the SIA approved training course. "At Safe and Secure, we believe in offering the best training possible so we are thrilled to be able to offer the SIA approved Close Protection courses for military and civilians. The training lasts for three weeks, and the course includes conflict management, vehicle escort drills, tactical driving, law & legislation, body protection drills, and surveillance, but there are other detailed areas covered throughout the training as it pertains specifically to working as a Close Protection officer."

Asked about discounts and the costs of the training, Mr. Collison said, "There are discounts, such as ex-servicemen that have Enhanced Learning Credits, which can drive the cost of the training down significantly. Someone interested in the training that has had such credits can definitely benefit on the cost of the training."

"I should add here that the pass rate for the training is not just for military, but civilians also have not just taken the course but passed with high rates as well. Once the training and testing is complete, those that qualify and meet the specific requirements receive the highest SIA license in the UK, the BTEC Level 3 in Close Protection. The responsibility of the Close Protection officer is huge depending on the setting and our training gives students the ability to not only learn the theory but we prepare students to pass the examination the first time", Mr. Collison said.

The close protection training that is offered at Safe & Secure are for those that wish to work as a professional close protection operative. This involves making sure the environment is safe for those that are assigned to the close protection officer to protect. "Excellent point, and to expound on that a bit more, the course is extremely thorough in not only preparing students to pass the exam but it covers many areas that may come up in this profession, such as responding to medical crisis, dealing with conflicts, proper planning and preparation so there is minimal risk to the principal, and the ability to assess different risks and threats to the principal they are assigned to protect. It's a very serious job, so this is very serious training", added Mr. Collison.

About Safe and Secure Training
Safe and Secure Training began in 1993 with the delivering of medical training to small businesses as well as the military. In 2005, the company split into two separate developments, one is for the security of property, people, or both and the other includes close protection, conflict management, static guarding, and door supervision. To continue its development and growth, the company moved to a newer training facility which is located in Newport South Wales.