Safe Food Scientific, Inc. Seeks Funding via Indiegogo for the Initial Production Run of "Home Food Freshness Monitor"

Serial Entrepreneur Donald McAlister and team have created a sensor that tells people if the meat they are about to prepare for their family is still fresh, or is it time to trash it?


Lexington, MA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/27/2014 -- Safe Food Scientific, Inc has developed a product that lets users know in real time, whether or not the beef in their refrigerator or freezer is still fresh enough to eat. They do it with something called a Bio-Sensor.

The Safe Food Scientific biosensor is a simple little piece of paper that turns color when the meat is bad. How does it do this? The biosensor turns colors in the presence of gas given off by bacteria in beef when they multiply and their numbers get too high. It's as simple as that.

While the team is working on lab certifying for pork, poultry, lamb and fish, they have already engineered one for beef, called it our Beef-Fresh Check Sensor™. Safe Food Scientific Inc., has been working diligently for years to get “Beef-Fresh Check” sensors production-ready. With local independent labs confirming its accuracy in measuring the amount of bacteria in beef as it spoils, the team is ready to bring this power to where it can have the biggest impact, right to people’s kitchen.

In addition, Safe Food Scientific, Inc. has been working with a production partner to validate each step of the production process, and finally, their “Beef-Fresh Check™” Home Freshness Monitor is now production-ready. The goal is to have these available to US consumers in the fall of 2014. Safe Food Scientific is working with premium grocers at the regional and national levels, and they are awaiting the sensors for pilot testing.

Safe Food Scientific is looking for $20,000 to fund their minimum initial production run.

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