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Safe Girl's Andrea Explains Why Every Woman Should Carry a Personal Alarm

Personal alarm proves to be the best companion


Chelmsford, Essex -- (SBWIRE) -- 11/28/2014 -- Staggering crime facts bring about a sense of panic in people but, there is no denying this reality which continues to turn gloomy regardless of safety measures adopted by security forces. A personal alarm can be the best solution to dealing with this reality as studies indicate that individuals have 97% chance of warding off an attack when they carry an alarm or have access to an alarm.

Safe Girl Security subscribes to this notion a 100% and wants to educate women by giving them options to choose highly functional safety products that blend in very well with everyday lifestyle. With most other traditional alarms, the design and the construction of the alarm often come in the way of the personal alarm performing its function.

The wide range of alarms featured on Safe Girl Security are distinct, handy, and most of all reliable. These alarms work with any kind of setup; for the busy girl on the go, to the woman who is at home taking care of household responsibilities, there is a unique personal alarm for every kind of girl.

These alarms can be attached to a handbag/backpack, clutch, purse, belt or a key ring giving women hands free protection that can be attained by pulling the chain of the alarm. As soon as the chain is pulled, the alarm produces an ear-piercing 130Db female scream that can not only help call for attention but, also take the attacker by surprise and disorient him.

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Safe Girl Security helps women be their best defense by giving them access to personal alarm options to suit their style and their life. The entire collection of these alarms can be browsed at

More than giving customers options, the website helps them learn about the different kinds of alarms available, what factors to consider while making a choice and so on.

The website through its team of safety experts is dedicated to giving women the power to protect themselves. Andrea Clark takes customers through various tips and techniques to choose a personal alarm. Follow the link given above to explore the latest breed in alarms designed and built to be personal security guard 24*7.

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