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Safe Investment Strategies Launches New Guide to Safely Investing $100k or More

Comprehensive new guide explores a leading alternative investment option, shows how investors wary of overvalued stock markets can seek greater security, Safe Investment Strategies reports


Santa Barbara, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/04/2015 -- Safe Investment Strategies published a new, free guide aimed at those looking for safe places to invest sums of $100,000 or more. As so many investors today are faced with needing to roll over retirement accounts even while uncertainty plagues the equities and stock markets, finding secure alternatives is more important than ever. The new Safe Investment Strategies guide, available now at, explores an increasingly popular choice in the form of precious-metals-backed IRAs and related investment options.

"Many experts today believe that global stock markets are overvalued by 50% or more," Safe Investment Strategies representative Frank Kern said, "Some say the recent setbacks we have seen around the world were the first signs of a major, global-scale meltdown. Now, more than ever, investors are seeking safety and security, and our new guide aimed at those with $100,000 or more to invest is therefore going to be valuable reading."

With defined benefit pensions now largely a thing of the past in the private sector, Americans depend heavily on 401(k) programs and individual retirement accounts to meet their financial needs after their working years are done. More than 88 million Americans, for example, participate in defined-contribution investment plans like the 401(k), according to the American Benefits Council, with the total value of these accounts currently standing at over $4 trillion.

While somewhat less common, IRA plans are almost as important. Studies conducted by the Employee Benefit Research Institute put the aggregate value of all IRAs in the United States at over a quarter of all American retirement savings. Whether in the form of 401(k) holdings or IRA balances, then, these financial vehicles contribute fundamentally to the prospects Americans face when they confront retirement.

Unfortunately, many individuals feel bound to the vicissitudes of the stock and bond markets in this respect. While investments of these kinds can be rewarding over the long term, they can be brutally unforgiving over shorter time horizons. Many people who retired during the last major recession, for example, did so relying on retirement portfolios that had shrunk by a half or more over the course of a scant few months.

The new Safe Investment Strategies guide, available now at leading social content site Rebel Mouse, points out an increasingly popular alternative to this often-unsatisfying status quo. It provides everything investors will need to know about investing $100,000 or more in any of a variety of widely available precious-metals-backed financial instruments that many believe can afford greatly improved security compared to the stock markets.

Whether for those thinking about rolling over a 401(k) or IRA account or investors looking to move stock brokerage balances into precious metals investments, the new Safe Investment Strategies guide contains all the information needed to do so in safe, informed fashion. Thorough and packed with detail, the new guide answers all of the most common questions related to this increasingly popular and attractive investment option.

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