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Safe Stepladder of the Future, Nearly Impossible to Knock Over, Looking for Help to Raise Capital to Help Bring Product to Market


Stockton, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/30/2017 -- A California man has invented a radical and innovative stepladder design that makes it nearly impossible for the ladder user to tip the stepladder over. This stepladder provides a level of safety and security while working at heights unheard of until now. This safety benefit has been lauded by Professional Construction Users and Do It Yourselfers.

"Your product is a great idea. It will save lives. It will save pain and suffering. It will make businesses more profitable. Your customers will not need an extensive background in Construction and Risk Management to understand that. They will only need their two eyes and a modicum of common sense." -Professional Construction Health & Safety Technician / Certified Loss Control Specialist

The international ladder market is a private, multibillion dollar industry. Professional Construction and Do It Yourself ladder users represent a potential USA ladder market of around 50 million units annually.

The inventor has been awarded international patents and trademarks protecting the intellectual property of this safe stepladder invention. In addition, the inventor has safe stepladder prototypes and a line of safe ladder accessories to complement the safe stepladder line of products. The last piece of the puzzle for this product of the future is the cash flow necessary to produce the ladder and bring it to market. The inventor is currently looking for assistance to raise the necessary capital to begin production and market on a mass scale. The inventor is open to all options including investors, joint ventures and loans. Please contact for more information about opportunities to be part of this safe stepladder of the future.

Even the insurance industry knows this stepladder is a winner. Upon review of the trademark insurability of the stepladder, the insurance carrier determined the ladder to be safer than any others on the market. The insurance company, a company that specializes in assessing risk, or more to the point, a company that studies all the negativity of a risk and still finds a way to make money on insuring that risk, deemed this stepladder so safe they discounted the product liability insurance 30-35%. This discount was provided as a comparison to the established USA ladder manufacturers. This discount included several penalties including one for the stepladder being in the prototype stage and another because the company ownership did not have ladder manufacturing experience. In addition to the 30-35% discount in annual premium, the carrier told the company an additional 10-15% discount would be realized in the subsequent year premium provided the product performed with the same safety benefits as what the insurance company predicted.

The safe stepladder of the future is nearly ready for market. Patents, trademarks and prototypes have been secured. Suppliers and partners have been tentatively lined up. This safe stepladder of the future only needs the cash flow necessary to begin mass production. Individuals interested in learning more about the safe stepladder of the future are encouraged to send inquiries to the email listed herein.

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