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"Safeguard Your Children": Golden Retrievers and Labradors Voted the Best Dogs for Families

How to avoid common mistakes when it comes to choosing a family dog, and selecting the correct early dog training. Its about "Choosing the Best Dogs For Your Family"


Brisbane, Australia -- (SBWIRE) -- 08/05/2013 -- Choosing the "Best Family Dog" is something not to be taken lightly. So many dogs end up back in local council pounds. If they are lucky enough, some other family will pick them up. But most times they are humanely put to sleep. All because people did not put enough time or thought into choosing the right dog for the right reasons.

So, when choosing a dog, especially when you have young children, you need to take into consideration the modern day family lifestyle. The old Favourites, like border collies, cattle dogs and kelpies require way too much intellectual stimulation and need a lot of activity in their life.

Most families these days just do not have the time to address this important nesessity. These type of dogs are natural herding dogs, and can tend to want to round up the children and nip everyone into line. These issues where address and raised by a panel of experts assembled by "The Sunday Telegraph" in Sydney Australia. (CHLOE-LEE LONGHETTI-July 19th, 2013) The Labrador and the Golden Retriever where quoted as being:Rambunctious, silly and eat everything in sight, but sweet enough to be the perfect family dog, experts say."

Families with children cannot go wrong with a Labrador or Golden retriever. Wayne Asplet, chief executive of St George Animal Rescue and Head Animal Management officer of NSW Animal Services, was quoted as saying: "Labradors were perfect when they entered the family as a puppy. "As long as they get the animal young and have enough areas for the animal to become a family member. They are usually the most placid of animals, or a Labrador cross," Mr Asplet said.

David Neck, President of the Australian Veterinary Association said: "Families with children can't go wrong with Labradors and golden retrievers. But families should beware all kinds of working or herding dog, and completely avoid pit bulls, mastiffs or Rottweilers, he added.

"You just don't need 60kg worth of dog around children. While you have beautiful individuals in the breed (guard dogs), they are big, strong and powerful and aren't appropriate near children who don't know how to approach them."

So as you can see, choosing the right breed of dog for your family is so important. The other consideration is Dog training. Getting it right, from the beginning is so important. This cannot be stressed enough.

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Author: Bill O'Donnell