Safelist eMail Campaigns Deemed Ineffective for Online Marketing

After a 2 week campaign of safelist mailings, concludes safelist are ineffective and a waste of time and money.


Shreveport, LA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/05/2012 --, a leading online press release distribution company, has decided to release the results of a 1 week long safelist email campaign. In an ongoing effort to test new methods of advertising and promotion, tested for 1 week solid some of the top safelist services in the world.

Based on the results of the safelist marketing campaign, deems safelist marketing ineffective and not worthy of the time or money. After 6 safelist mailing on average per day, a daily increase of only about unique visitors were achieved. Beyond the lack of traffic, not a single new client was picked up and no SEO content was achieved.

In comparison, after a 1 week campaign of press releases, including 1 press release for 7 days, averaged 3 new clients per day and over 600 unique visitors per day, targeted. As well, to this day is still receiving residual targeted traffic from Google Search, and improved their search rankings for targeted keywords.

Based on the very conclusive results, and based on reviews and the experiences of webmasters across the internet, we would encourage business owners to stick to the proven strategies that are effective and work. Rebekah Hudson, Owner of states "There are so many benefits of a press release vs. safelist mailings incuding; a targeted audience, powerful keywords, targeted traffic, residual traffic, a trusted source and much more. As well, based on our research, Press Releases are one of the few valuable SEO tools looked upon favorably by Google. We own and operate and can see the intense and organic traffic each of our clients press release receive over time. This is valuable organic traffic that is almost immediately indexed into Google."

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