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SafePaw Defines 7 Steps in Pet Rescue

Follow these steps before rescuing a pet


Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 07/23/2014 -- Rescuing a pet is a very heroic thing to do. However, there are certain steps when it comes to rescuing a pet to ensure safety and health of the pet. Below are 7 steps in pet rescue that need to be attended to.

1. Ready for a Pet?
One might think dogs and cats are cuddly and cute, think of the responsibility that comes along with that. Ready to devote time and effort to train the pet, etc.? Pets cannot be left home all day, especially if it is a dog and not pay any attention to the pet. Especially because this pet would be rescued, it's going to take some time for the pet to trust and get close to the family.

2. Finances
Is having a pet affordable at the moment? Pet food, cat litter, etc. is affordable every month, but vet bills are expensive? Animals get sick too, just like humans do. What happens if the pet gets sick or needs shots, etc?

3. Background Info
Seek out any background information on the pet that is possible. It's crucial to get as much information as possible to better train the pet and know what to expect.

4. Health Issues
Along with the other background info, make sure all health is covered. Find out if the animal has any prior medical history to be aware of. It's good to know about the health and expected future health of the pet.

5. The Environment
Is the yard big enough for the dog to run around in? Have a cat, but are looking to rescue another one. Will the two cats get along? It's best to be sure before the other cat comes home, or even a dog. A dog should have plenty of yard to run around, and if not, plan on taking walks each day.

6. Choose Wisely
There are going to be many different pets. One can’t rescue them all.

7. Be Ready For the Arrival at Home
When bringing the pet home it may be scared and timid. It is only natural for the animal to be a little scared of its new surroundings. Try to remain calm. Be sure to potty/litter train the pet so no messes occur around the home.

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