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Huntingdon Valley, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 06/16/2014 -- It is not uncommon for home and business owners to be steered away from the use of ice melt products. This is due to the stigma of concrete damage that is often associated with all types of ice melt products. Although, when home and business owners seek out an ice melt product there could be difficulty deducing which ice melt product will be safe for the concrete. However, by simply reading the labels on ice melt products to determine the composition, home and business owners will be able to choose a safe & reliable ice melt product.

While damage to concrete may occur from the use of some ice melt compounds, it is the ingredients not the product that will cause damage to concrete outside of a home or business. Damages associated with using the wrong compounds on concrete include discoloration, concrete pits, and even breakage. Scientists have completed extensive testing on ice melt products. The compounds found to damage concrete include:

- Aluminum Chloride
- Sodium Cyanide
- Magnesium Chloride
- Magnesium Sulfate
- Ammonium Sulfate
- Ammonium Nitrate
- Ammonium Chloride
- Calcium Sulfate

Ice melt compounds with these ingredients listed in the formula, as well as those containing salt, have been found to cause damage to concrete outside of homes and businesses. However, SafePaw has a composition with the ingredient Amide/Glycol Admixture, which has been modified for use as an ice melt. This ingredient does not cause damage to concrete. Additionally, SafePaw is safe for use around children and animals and does not have the risk of contaminating the water supply.

Ice melt products are a popular and necessary choice during the winter months. This is especially true in areas that experience large amounts of snow at once. The choice to use ice melt products will prevent painful injuries to both home and business owners and guests/employees caused by slips. Additionally, these products can prevent costly lawsuits that can be associated with slips outside the home or office. Before deciding that the risks commonly associated with the stereotype of ice melt products is not worth the costs, home and business owners should consider all the possible repercussions of not protecting the home or business from slips and falls from ice accumulation.

To ensure the products purchased for use as ice melt will not harm the concrete outside of the home or business, research the ingredients contained in the product. If an ice melt product contains any of the aforementioned ingredients, or contains any form of salt, it is likely that it will cause damage to the concrete outside of the home or business.

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