Safer and Three-Times Intensified Fat - and Calories-Burning with Versa-Climber from Heart Rate Inc


Santa Ana, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 09/27/2012 -- Heart Rate Inc has once more developed powerful equipment, the Versa-Climber, that lets the users burn fat and calories three times faster and safer compared to typical treadmills, all possible with the unique arm & leg push/pull featured action of the equipment.

As people are trying to find the perfect equipment that can boost weight loss, they are most of the time faced with equipment that does not target the key muscle cores in the body. Oftentimes, people have only two options in equipment: one that focuses on the lower body muscle and one that targets just the upper body muscles.

Versa-Climber is the total body fitness exercise machine that strengthens the heart and promotes better circulation and enduring cardiovascular results. Health conscious individuals now have an alternative for most cardio equipment- treadmills, elliptical, spin bikes, and steppers- that fail to provide the much desired results. This new Versa-Climber is featured with a unique step & arm height of 1-20 inches that are great for slow short steps at 4 to 6 inches and as much as great at a sprint speed as long as you can endure. Users have the option to use its variable resistance or set it to fixed resistance and adjust the seat or use the arm extenders as per requirement. It also features quick-release running handles and cross crawl.

When you feel tired or bored of exercise, you can use the slimming patch, small but powerful effective in removing the excess weight, the slimming patch "Size Zero Patch" features what is necessary to burn body fat, and decrease food cravings.

Sweat and waterproof, you can wear them without worrying a rigorous schedule as the weight loss pills.

This full body stretching from short-medium-long strides, according to medical studies, is what makes the users to burn more calories and fat faster and safer. As it proves very number beneficial and safe for everyone, users of Versa-Climber come from different walks of life and used in many health clubs, training  facilities and physical therapy centers for its unparalleled cardio benefits, relentless durability, and versatility.

Heart Rate Inc, maker of Versa-Climber, is dedicated in creating, development, and with key emphasis on providing superior quality products as well as services for the consumers’ benefit and improved fitness, health, conditioning including rehabilitation.

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