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Safety Lockout Padlocks from Philadelphia Security Products


Essington, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/03/2018 -- Philadelphia Security Products is has a wide variety of safety lockout padlocks available for purchase online. With a wide range of OSHA-approved brands, colors, and non-corrosive materials to choose from, Philadelphia Security Products aims to keep businesses and their workers safe this season.

Customers can choose from top-of-the-line padlock brands such as Abus Lock, American Lock, and Master Locks for sale. Each brand carried by Philadelphia Security Products ensures the utmost reliability that one should expect from lockout padlocks. Safety lockout padlocks available from Philadelphia Security Products are compliant with the regulations put forth by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA).

Philadelphia Security Products offers a wide range of colored safety lockout padlocks. The newest safety lockout padlocks, the American Lock S1100 series and the Master Lock S6835 series feature a 6-pin key retaining cylinder with over 40,000 key changes to ensure that the padlock is never left unlocked and never duplicated.

Additionally, anyone who chooses to buy American Lock padlocks, Abus Lock, or Master Lock safety lockout padlocks can rest assured that each product will stand up to harsh conditions. Constructed from lightweight plastic and aluminum, these safety lockout padlocks are designed to withstand most wet and corrosive environments.

To place an order through Philadelphia Security Products or learn more about safety lockout padlocks and their many uses, visit today.

About Philadelphia Security Products, Inc.
Philadelphia Security Products, Inc. is an industrial distributor and wholesaler that sells leading security hardware for manufacturers including Abus Lock, American Lock, and Master Lock. They provide their customers with all types of security hardware such as padlocks, file cabinet lock bars, safety lockout padlocks and devices, security chain, hasps, and much more.

In 1985, PSPI created the Flexguard Security System which is anti-theft security hardware for computers and small electronic devices. On top of the friendly and efficient customer service they provide, this company offers competitive prices in Southeast Pennsylvania, as well as all of North America. To learn more, visit