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Safety Rail Company Is Proud to Announce That All of Its Fall Protection Systems Are 100% American Made

Safety Rail Company Offers Quality American Made Safety Gates, Rails, Guards and More


Spring Park, MN -- (SBWIRE) -- 03/08/2013 -- There has never been a time when getting quality products that are made in the United States was more important than today. While Safety Rail Company has built a reputation for selling OSHA compliant fall protection systems that are durable, innovative and affordable, they also offer safety gates, permanent safety rails, portable safety railing, hatch and ladder guards and many other types of safety equipment that are 100% American Made. They also back their products with the old-fashioned service that makes their clients feel secure that they have made the best choice for their company, employees and for their country.

Safety Rail Company manufactures their fall protection systems at their plant in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a primary goal to Save Lives. Beyond that, they make their products easier to assemble, configure, use and store. You don’t have to make a choice between getting the best quality of safety guard rails for your business location and the ones that are American made. Safety Rail Company gives you many options for getting the active and passive fall protection equipment to meet your specifications with each piece being 100% American made. They also provide you with one-on-one service and free in-depth consultations so that you always get exactly the system you need. They don’t just make safety rails that fit any application: They make the custom products that fit your application! With their CAD modeling services, they can take almost any idea and turn it into a custom OSHA compliant solution.

Safety Rail Company has a long list of fall protection solutions including ladder guards, mezzanines, guard rails, visual warning line systems, skylight guarding, safety gates and more. They manufacture their own 100% American Made products to provide companies with the fall protection products that will keep their employees and visitors safe while also keeping you OSHA compliant. Additional services include their CAD Modeling Services to turn your drawing or blueprints into a safety rail project plan and Rental Rail which allows you to rent to own safety rails over the long-term or to lease fall protection during a short-term project.

About Safety Rail Company
Safety is a first priority at Safety Rail Company, resulting in their manufacturing of 100% American Made fall protection equipment that is durable, innovative and affordable for companies of all sizes. They have years of experience in the industry which allows them to engineer the safety equipment that will save lives. Get safety railing, guard rails, gates and more that are OSHA compliant and also easy to assemble, configure and use. All of the products are backed by the best in service with ongoing partnerships that you can depend on for years to come. For more detail please visit,